Our Story

As a little girl, Dr. Doerfler had a doll hospital in a cloth shoe rack and regularly brought small injured animals home. As an adult, her true north has been looking beyond surface symptoms to search for underlying causes.

Each stage of her 19 year practice has involved going deeper. That focus shifted her practice toward patients for whom traditional treatments, whether western or alternative, were ineffective or only partially effective.

She discovered that rather than chasing after each symptom one by one, there was often a deeper principle that provided a gathering point, that once resolved, would cause seemingly scattered, unconnected symptoms to disappear.

She came to describe the hidden, underlying mechanisms that produced the symptoms as “the axis of trauma”.

For example, she recognized the simplifying principle of adrenal fatigue which in turn enabled successful treatment of a host of apparently unrelated symptoms that plague the professional working mom (she is at work on a book about this condition which she refers to, with a smile, as “Modern Life Disease”).

The practice now combines the deep neurological healing tool of neurofeedback with the best of her thirty plus years work with food medicine, all focused on optimal brain function.

Trina Doerfler, D.C.,N.D. graduated from Bastyr University in 1992 as a naturopathic physican, and Western State Chiropractic College in 1989 as a chiropractor. She was an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr from 1992 through 1997, and practices in a world famous integrative medical practice in Seattle. Last year she gave away her practice to specialize in this work.

Dr. Doerfler